Review: Visico Octagonal Softbox Octabox 120cm


The Visico Octagonal Softbox is a hefty light modifier. If you buy this along with a light stand, make sure it’s a heavy-duty stand. Once mounted, this softbox is front-heavy, which can possibly bend or break a lightweight light stand. Use a professional level stand with this product.

Having said that, this light modifier produces smooth light to shadow effects when used with a good prosumer or pro-level strobe light. If used in combination with Speedlite Flashes, for best results the Visico Octagonal Softbox shouldn’t be used with anything less than three Speedlites and a bracket.

Construction is of a leathery-plastic material which may or may not stand up to constant use. Initial thoughts are that the material will degrade with constant folding and unfolding, but it may be years before that happens. The Visico Octagonal Softbox is easy to assemble, but does require some manual force to assemble into the provided speed ring.

Speaking of the speedring, it’s absolutely horrible and maybe borderline dangerous. The ring is made of what feels like very rough cast aluminum with sharp edges that hurt your hand and can possibly tear the skin if not careful. Use caution when inserting the rods into the speedring slots and the ring torques against the force being applied. Better yet, buy a pair of Mechanix gloves for your bag. They’ll come in very handy here.


Don’t buy this softbox if your plan is to assemble and disassemble it often at different locations. It’s heavy and designed for permanent or semi permanent use in a studio rather than the field.

A note to Visico: Everything arrived wrapped in some sort of plastic bagging that literally disintegrated into slivers that looked like broken glass when I opened the bags. This may sound strange, but the plastic shards got all over the place, and took a while to clean up from my floor and off the modifier itself. Visico, please improve the quality of your packaging. Plastic bags shouldn’t shatter like glass. Also, consider improving the quality of the speedring.


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