Minute Review: Visico Octagonal Softbox Octabox 120cm


The Visico Octagonal Softbox is a hefty light modifier for sure. If you buy this along with a light stand, make sure the light stand is heavy duty enough, not lightweight. Once mounted on the light stand, this softbox will apply forward weight and torque and if the stand is not heavy duty, it will bend, bow or break. I use it with a small flash strobe and I can’t get the modifier to stand straight, it always points slightly downward.

The modifier itself is great, and delivers smooth shadows, or no shadows at all if the flash is amped up (depending how you use it). It’s solidly built, not of umbrella material, but of a leathery-plastic material, which I’m not sure what to call. It’s easy to assemble, but does require some force to put together after the second rod is inserted into the speed ring.

I don’t like the lightweight speed ring it comes with at all. It’s made of a rough material with rough edges that hurt your hand and can possibly tear skin as you put the softbox together.


Don’t buy this softbox if your plan is to assemble and disassemble it often at different locations. It’s heavy and designed for permanent or semi permanent use in a studio rather than the field. I’ll keep mine for studio use, but I’ll get a second lighter one in the same size for field use. I’ve used this softbox in the field several times, twice in windy conditions, and although I weighed down the stand with several sand bags, the stands tipped over. It can be argued that I didn’t use enough sand bags, but I’m not new at this.

A side note: Everything arrived wrapped in some sort of plastic bagging that literally disintegrated into slivers that looked like broken glass when I opened the bags. This may sound strange, but the plastic shards got all over the place, and took a while to clean up from my floor and from the modifier itself. Visico, please improve the quality of your packaging. Plastic bags shouldn’t shatter like glass.


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