Tulum, Mexico – Cabanas Copal, Part 6

Tulum, Mexico, Cabanas Copal – Part 6

RUINS: Go to Tulum ruins either in the morning or the late afternoon. Mid-day it’s extremely hot and all you’ll want to do is jump off the cliff into the ocean below the ruins together with the other 25,000 sweaty tourists. Here’s what you should do: Get your butt down to the beach, down the wooden staircase, while trying to avert your eyes from the naked German changing in plain view of the other 24,999 people there. Bad German!

PS// How do I know he was German you ask? He was speaking to another tourist in English saying, “Ich vary hott hear!”

After you get to the beach, elbow your way past the tourist clones, and go left. Your path will look blocked by the cliffs and crashing waves, but don’t despair! Time your dash for safety with the surf surging back and forth and go past the cliff and you’ll be rewarded with a white-sand lagoon with clear fresh azure blue water, probably only populated by a few brave souls like you. Ah, Nirvana! By the way, turn around when you’re in the water and look towards the shore, and you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing view. Trust me, you’ll want your camera! Hint: Tulum ruins is on the cliffs above you.

Tulum Ruins

Don’t venture out too far into the water or you risk attracting the hordes of tourists from the side you just came from, not to mention the <gasp!> German dude! If you venture too far out the other 24,999 people will be able to see you behind the cliff and want to join you.

There’s an easier way to get to this lagoon directly from the entrance to Tulum ruins, but the way I mentioned is for those already dying from the heat after having already walked the ruins a while and are already licking their own sweat for liquid nourishment– which by the way is non-existent in the ruins area. Bring your own water or you’ll find yourself in dark corners waiting for dumb tourists to knock over the head for their water. Another place where that coconut I mentioned comes in very handy!

The beach and tourist horde

PRIVACY: Privacy at Cabanas Copal is minimal at best. You have to be at least somewhat comfortable with someone else seeing you naked or at least partially naked at some point either in the shower or in bed. Nights you sleep naked, because clothes at night are a nightmare. In the morning you wake up to find that the wind has shifted the curtains, and realize that every staff member or guest that walked past your windows and happened to look inside (humans are curious creatures) will have seen you naked asleep. The best you can hope for is that you weren’t scratching anywhere private or weren’t too hot at that moment and spread-eagled. We brought a few feet of duct tape and that kept our curtains in place pretty well. Note … to … self: duct tape: highly recommended


ELECTRICITY: Thank God there was none! That was probably my favorite thing about the trip- the lack of television, video games, computer access, email, telephone, etc. We didn’t even have a clock with us the whole trip. The morning of our departure we had an 11:45 am flight to catch and a 2 hour drive to Cancun to catch that flight, and when the sun rose I woke up and started to get ready. That was it… no stress. Completely out of touch for a week! That’s heaven! If I’d have missed the flight, I would have bought a cabana and stayed.

FINAL CHECKOUT: Here’s a tip: Don’t have your expenses at the hotels billed to your room. I speak from personal experience. The morning of our checkout there was a couple already dealing with the checkout guy and they had a stack of receipts that they were balancing against what the resort had showing as billed to their room. I patiently waited thinking they’d be done soon. Wishful thinking! I got into a short conversation with the wife while the husband was accounting and found that these poor people had charges on there that weren’t even their charges, not to mention that they had to account for each receipt, and they were supposed to be on the same flight as us. They suggested I go ahead of them, and all I did was turn in my key, get a receipt, and was out of there in 3 minutes flat. I hate to say it but I didn’t see them board the plane with us.

So those are our tips for now… hope you go to Tulum yourself, it’s definitely worth it for the adventure alone.

Massage Booths on the beach

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2 thoughts on “Tulum, Mexico – Cabanas Copal, Part 6

  1. Excellent set of posts and great pictures! I am heading to Tulum in February with the girlfriend (staying right next to Copal at Azulik) and this is a very helpful guide on what to be on the lookout for.


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